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Writing custom database applications for LAN and internet/intranet environments.

Alphatex focuses on moving clients' custom applications online (currently referred to as "cloud computing") as well as e-commerce.  Our clients range in size from single at home companies to the largest Wall Street brokerage house.

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Company Overview
Alphatex Consulting, LLC began in early 1987 as Alphatex Marketing, Inc., in New York City.  In late 1988, Dan Grasso joined the firm and began the in-house software development business.  Dan had spent a number of years developing computer systems for the financial community.  In June, 1996 Alphatex Marketing, based in Manhattan, began the processes of relocating to Morristown, NJ.

In 1997 Alphatex Marketing, Inc (NYC) was closed and Alphatex, Inc (Morristown) was opened.  Our commitment to delivering projects with the needed functionality -- on time and on budget -- has made Alphatex one of the most respected information systems providers in the northeast.

In 2013 Alphatex moved operations to Stuart, FL as Alphatex Consulting, LLC.  While Alphatex, Inc. was formerly closed, Alphatex continues to service clients along the entire east coast.  Company Summary view more ...
Company Summary
Company profitability with the correct systems

Alphatex Consulting, LLC is a full service Information Systems consulting firm.  We are capable of meeting the system needs of the most demanding client.  We specialize in writing custom database software for both online (cloud computing) and local (WAN/LAN) use.
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